How the White Wings video was made

A few people have asked how I made the White Wings video (below) so I've put together a few notes on how it was created! 

The day before I knew anything about the White Wings project, I was lamenting to my dad how I'd been doing some animations which were getting positive feedback but nobody wanted to take me on for a project. Not exactly an example of positive thinking, but it did get it out into the universe...

SO, a breakdown:

What tools/programs I used: 
The illustrations were a combination of a brush marker, fine liner, watercolour and digital drawing. When you are combining water and pen mediums, make sure the pens are waterproof! 

Programs: Photoshop for the stop motion, then After Effects to put it all together and add music. 

How I did it: 
Each scene is broken down into layers of illustration: 
- The opening flat lays are all individual pieces
- Background
- People (each arm movement of the person is also a different drawing). 
- Cake bites

Once all the drawings are done, it's all just a matter of composition and timing really! You have to watch out for Layer ordering (i.e. when the illustrated cake bites are replaced with the real ones, make sure the illustrated ones are behind etc). And when you have multiple movements on one base drawing (like the arm positions), make sure each frame properly connects. 

I'm by no means an expert at making videos, and this is just how I've made this one. If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help! Just give me a shout


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