Yesterday morning on my way to the printer, I tried not to get too excited about my new prints just in case they hadn't turned out like I wanted. I'd supplied my own paper (352gsm, carbon neutral, beautifully smooth, nothing but the best), so was nervous the ink wouldn't play nice. 

So you know that feeling when that guy you like messages you? When you sign for a package that says "Net-A-Porter"? When your boss tells you you've done a wonderful job? I got those warm and fuzzies when I saw the prints for the first time. They turned out very, very well. 

Shop them here! Limited numbers available. 

I got some wonderful feedback about the New York cityscape so I've made it into a phone wallpaper for ya'll. If you're a subscriber, it's already sitting in your inboxes! Otherwise they're available for download below. Get the wallpaper, then the paper for your wall! ;)

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