PRINTS: New York, Chanel, Oh my!

I'm very excited to announce a first release of some prints I've been working very hard on! 


It's serendipitous timing with the start of New York Fashion Week, but if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that I recently finished one of my most detailed works to date: The New York Cityscape. 

This baby took me about 7 sittings to finish (one of those sittings was about 4 hours), but seeing it finished was totally worth the Carpal Tunnel.

Why New York? Like many others, it's one of my favourite cities ever since my first visit in 2011. I went with my friend Kai and we ate (too much) and walked (too much) around all boroughs. So I visited again a few years later on my own (although you're never alone in NY) and can't wait to go again. This one's for the travellers, the wanderlusters, the ones who can't sit still. 


I know it's cliché for a fashion illustrator to draw Chanel, but you can't argue with timeless elegance! This was the first drawing of the new collection and I'm glad I made the decision to keep it monochrome - sometimes colour distracts from the beautiful details. 

Here is a piece depicting 31 Rue Cambon, Paris - it's dedicated to those who never go out of style. 


This is a print from when I first started and it's always been special. Mothers bought it for their children regardless of age, as they would tell them "I love you to the moon and back" as a baby. It makes me so happy to think this print hangs in nurseries and children's rooms as a reminder that they're loved! 

Having said that, this print hangs in my living room because love is obviously not restricted to that particular bond. My husband and I also gifted it to his mother, as a reminder that we love her to the moon and back too. 


This print isn't only for the men in our lives, however it was inspired by my husband - a gentle, kind soul (zero bikie vibes) who inherited a love of motorcycles off his father. I've personally come around to the café racer - there's beauty in the details, a hint of the past, and understated badass-ness (no other word for it). 

It's for your man to hang in his "man cave", "tool shed" or "his bedside" - husband's words, not mine. 

So there you have it! My heart and soul in four prints, each representing something special to me - I sincerely hope you find one you can relate to. 

The prints will be available shortly, in A3 size only.

I would really appreciate if you could tell me which one/s are your favourite! I'd love you to the moon and back ;)

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