How to Make Your Own Illustrated Christmas Bauble!

Christmas hasn't really been a big deal since me siblings and I grew up (the only tradition, and the only one worth keeping, is gorging ourselves in an all-day meal) but my husband's family are into it in a BIG WAY with all the little ones. We're talking footprints made from flour, bicycles under the tree, red and green as far as your eye can see! 

Therefore I wanted to make a video that not only doubles as a keepsake for parents, but a really nice activity for you to do with the family that the holidays have kicked in! 

Watch the video below to see how to make an illustrated Christmas bauble! 

You will need:
- Thick paper (if using ink/watercolours, make sure it's appropriate!)
- Paints/Markers
- Scissors/Scalpel
- Ribbon/String


And please tag your creations with @belindaxiaillustration & #belindaxiaillustration on Instagram - I seriously love seeing them! 


x Bel