BXI expands!

I have big news!!
(Well, avocado-sized at this point.)

I am  p r e g n a n t!


My husband and I talked about starting a family next year, so while the timing's unexpected we're both crazy thrilled about the tiny human squatting in my belly the past 4 months.

It has been one of the most difficult secrets to keep - especially when people asked how I am, and I couldn't reply with "Gosh I've been nauseous since I woke up, please bring me some watermelon, but before that I need a nap even though I only got out of bed 3 hours ago." On top of that, my favourite jeans don't fit me anymore (sad face). 

My biggest lesson has been to be kind to myself and listen to my body (cliché I know). I pushed through in the early days (because I'm an idiot) and paid for it - well, Josh did, because a tired & grumpy pregnant lady is exactly zero fun. I tried to keep up with my usual exercise, sleep routine, meals (how strict is this no raw salmon thing? Oh, extremely.) ... turns out none of them were pregnancy-compatible. Now I power walk instead of run, all my Reformer Pilates exercises are modified (as they should be), I eat what I feel like (within reason - turns out gestational diabetes is a thing) and sleep an hour earlier plus nap if I struggle.


Me, before the nausea kicked in. 

Me, before the nausea kicked in. 

I'm currently 16 weeks, and it still feels so surreal. Where's that bump so I can see what this is all for?! And I have noticed that everyone on Instagram seems to be pregnant too... beware 2018, it's going to be a baby-fest. 

And if you know one of these mamas-to-be and they're not feeling hot shot, I've just launched a set of downloadable cards for you to give them. All super punny, if I say so myself. 

Goat ya. 

Goat ya. 

Ain't that the truth. 

Ain't that the truth. 

See the rest here!

To the other pregnant/ new mamas out there, any advice? What do we need to invest in, and what can we get away with?

Okay, nap time. 



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