Being Together is Everything

I was lucky enough to be born to two hardworking, loving parents and to marry into a welcoming, and extraordinarily tight-knit family. I get along famously with my entire In-Law family - parents, sisters and brother, partners and pets. 

Growing up in a fairly traditional Chinese family, we loved each other (obviously), but weren't a particularly affectionate family. Birthdays weren't really a big deal (I don't receive presents anymore), we gather every Christmas, but the tree and decorations don't come out (though we do have a big, glorious Chinese feast). Cut scene to my husband's family and they gather for everyone's birthday without excuse for cake and presents, Santa and his reindeer leave footprints every Christmas (towards a gargantuan pile of presents under the beautifully dressed tree). 

The way both my families interact may be influenced by culture and have their differences, but at the end of the day, enjoying time with the ones you love is universal and irrelevant of all the superficial crap. At the end of the day, we're just families spending quality time with one another.

My mixed fam bam! 

My mixed fam bam! 

As I'm pregnant with my side's first grandchild & the fifth on my husband's, I can't help getting all sentimental and goopy about spending time with loved ones and want to celebrate the moments we all come together. The busier life gets and the older we are, the harder it is to gather everyone around outside the Christmas period. 

I've designed some invitations for the next gather-worthy event in my life - the BABY SHOWER. 


They're downloadable, and formatted ready for the home printer/office printer (not that you're using office machinery for personal stuff)/local printer/Officeworks. And if you want me to sort out the printing - no problemo! Just shoot me an email with which invite you want + quantity and I'll quote you up. 


Tell me about the last time you gathered with your loved ones! 


x Bel 

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