Drawing for Good.

You may or may not have noticed I've been very quiet at the moment, you can hear the crickets chirping...

Part of the reason of course is that I went on my honeymoon to the US and Canada and made the decision to do zero work (no laptop, no paints, no nothing!). It was both a relief and a bit scary (though I was still guilty of posting some travel-related photos, and checking some emails oops).

There are two main things I've taken away from my trip that I can't stop thinking about:

1: For 4 glorious days, we stayed in Banff and Lake Louise where the Canadians are friendly, everybody is super chatty, snow-capped mountains tower in the background and wildlife peppers the roads.

Watching the people living there, I realised how highly strung I can get trying to run my business - which I take out on my body and poor husband. It gave me perspective on where I want my illustrations and business to head. I want to focus on ways to foster that sense of community and connection I felt so strongly there. In other words, I'm looking for a bit more meaning and purpose - to connect with each other in this 'screen age'. Before I left, I started listening to the 'The Slow Home Podcast' and the 'slow movement' has really started resonating with me. It was pretty much what inspired #BelindasFashionMandalas

2: Seeing the homeless, disadvantaged communities in San Francisco and Los Angeles made us appreciate how lucky we are, and so resolved to make positive changes when we returned home. It's so damn easy to feel overwhelmed, and dismiss it with "I'm just one person, and have such little impact and where do I even start?" (I'm totally guilty of this). Josh and I decided on a cause we're both passionate about: animal rescue. It's a small step, but we've just applied to become foster pet carers. 

My last pet Bobo, a beautiful RSPCA rescue dog. 

My last pet Bobo, a beautiful RSPCA rescue dog. 

Don't get me wrong, I still adore illustrating the world of fashion (and will continue to do so as I still love pretty things...ahem). But now I want to know the story behind the products and connect! A great business I was lucky enough to do some illustrations for a while ago is Mochni.com who is all about conscious fashion and living. 

So, I need your help! I'm particularly keen to be a part of areas of: disadvantaged and/or homeless women, animal rescue, food wastage and sustainable fashion. If anybody reading this owns a business or has an idea related to any of the above (but not limited to, of course!) and can see how me and my illustrations can help, please email me! And if you're based in Sydney - let's catch up over a tea. 

Thank you for listening to the crazy ramblings of a (still!) jetlagged illustrator, and if you have any words of wisdom, comment below!