I know we don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia - although I'm a huge advocate of Dog Costume Day: 


*Gets lost in the black hole of Dog Costume Googling*

Where was I? Oh yeah. I wanted to give you guys a Halloween-ish wallpaper, but not too obvious that on November 1 you have to change it back to the cute picture of your dog/boyfriend (although feel free to do that). 

Here it is! 


Subscribers will already have this in their inbox (and will get every month's wallpaper before everyone), but those who aren't can download below! 

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(Wallpaper is for iPhone 6/6+ & Samsung Galaxy 7. Let me know if your phone isn't one of these!)

1. Right Click + Save the Image
2. Go to your Photos, click the "Share" button
3. There will be an option to "Use as Wallpaper" - decide whether you want it as Lock or Home Screen (I do both!)
4. Voila! New Phone Wallpaper :) 

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