Peonies Please

Kerrie Hess' favourite blooms, the most regrammed bouquets, and the flower you always stop to stare at (and tell yourself you can't pick). It's not hard to guess I'm talking about peonies! They're hard to say, hard to draw. 

I stop myself from picking them, so I draw them instead. 

I stop myself from picking them, so I draw them instead. 

This post isn't just about peonies though (psyche!). For me, they represent something so impossibly beautiful I never thought I could capture with a brush (I mean, look at the petals). It was a total challenge, and my fear was not only producing something "ugly", but that I wasn't a good enough illustrator to even draw flowers (screw you, self-doubt!). This year is about illustrating things I would normally put in the too-hard-to-draw-basket. Note: I didn't say master it, just to try. Other things in this basket include: people & faces, backgrounds and facades. 

So I did end up drawing that peony, then I drew another and another to practice some more. The biggest lesson was to pay attention to the details. And now it's manifested in this phone wallpaper I'm giving you guys as a reminder that things that seem impossible totally aren't! (Also it's pretty.)

There is both an iPhone 6/6+ and Samsung S7 version. Best of all it's freeeee
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Let me know what you think - and what your "impossibles" are! 


x Bel