Baby, You Should Go and Love Yourself

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Even though I'm in a stable, committed relationship, I go out of my way to tell my husband not to do anything on February 14th. To me, it's a bit gimmicky and Hallmark (not to mention ridiculously expensive). Plus, as many have said before me, you shouldn't need a day to spoil the one/s you love. Plus, roses are stupidly expensive, and I'd rather wildflowers (or food). 

HOWEVER, I have decided that it's a good day to love YOURSELF (and your friends and family, I suppose...). So here are three pun-derful animal phone wallpapers to remind yourself that you're pretty fab and as long as you love yourself - you're good. 


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(Wallpaper is for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy.

Instructions (best to access from your smartphone): 
1. Click the link that appears
+ long click to Save the Image
2. Go to your Photos, click the "Share" button
3. There will be an option to "Use as Wallpaper" - decide whether you want it as Lock or Home Screen (I do both!)
4. Voila! New Phone Wallpaper :) 

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x Bel 

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