Christmas Cheer, My Dears!

The last wallpaper for the year!! 

I hope you've all had an amazing 2017 (I know we say it every single bloody year, but where did this year go?!). 

My biggest news was definitely the little bub in my belly, but THIS also made this year's slog all worth it!! To be mentioned amongst Megan Hess, Kelly Smith... my gosh what an HONOUR. 

See the full article  here ! 

See the full article here

But onto the good, free stuff - here's December's wallpaper:


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(Wallpaper is for iPhone 6/6+ & Samsung Galaxy 7. Let me know if your phone isn't one of these!)

1. Right Click (or Click & Hold if on smartphone) 
+ Save the Image
2. Go to your Photos, click the "Share" button
3. There will be an option to "Use as Wallpaper" - decide whether you want it as Lock or Home Screen (I do both!)
4. Voila! New Phone Wallpaper :) 

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I hope you all have the most wonderful break, and spend lots of time with friends & family. And if you're anything like me and live for food - Christmas is the one time of year (apart from your birthday) where calories don't count*. Enjoy! 


*Scientifically and clinically proven.**
** I'm a total liar, but who cares.