Bakedown Cakery: "I smell like buttercream all the time."

I'm lucky enough to call Jen of Bakedown Cakery a good friend, which translates into getting to taste some amazingly fancy chocolates before they hit the shops. She's super down to earth, and we chatted about her favourite foods (you'll never guess). 

The most difficult thing you've ever cooked: Macarons!
You hate the taste of? I like everything. (Bel says: great answer)
What you're eating when calories and client don't exist: Anything stodgy - I really love flat rice noodles. 
Your most rewarding job: Smooth Chocolate Festival. (Look at this monster below!)

Jen with her monstrous Tim Tam creation at 2015 Smooth Chocolate Festival!

Jen with her monstrous Tim Tam creation at 2015 Smooth Chocolate Festival!

The first thing you ever put on Instagram? A picture of a cupcake on a Leah Jackson plate featuring my feet. 
The one thing in your house that makes you happiest: Nick, my husband. Or my vinyl player.
Speaking of Nick, has he ever baked for you? Yes he has! He's usually a terrible baker but he makes some delicious amaretti! 
What is your favourite item on the Bakedown menu? The new Single Origin chocolate blocks! Each flavour respects the origin of the ingredient from each different country. It's like having an entire range of flavours which comes completely from nature.

And finally, where does Jen get the ideas for her colourful creative cupcakes and chocolates? "Usually in bed - in my dreams!" 

For those of you who haven't tried Jen's beautiful tarts (beautiful to look at, even better to eat), no problemo - until you get your fingers on some, you can transform your phone INTO one with the wallpaper below! This one's Yuzu curd & Jasmine meringue - just stop me from licking my screen.

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Find more info on how to eat Jen's things at Bakedown Cakery, or follow her on Instagram.

x Bel