Butter me up!

March signals the end of Summer, and unfortunately for us in the southern hemisphere, the beginning of Autumn (boo). 

However, I refuse to be defeated by something trivial like weather (because cold temperates totally get me down..) so this month's free wallpaper is inspired by Spring - TAKE THAT, MOTHER NATURE! 


You guys know the drill by now! 

Fill out the form below, and the link will appear behind.
(Wallpaper is for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy.)

Access from your Smartphone.
1. Click the link that appears once you fill out the form

2. Long click to Save the Image
3. Go to your Photos, click the "Share" button
4. There will be an option to "Use as Wallpaper" - decide whether you want it as Lock or Home Screen (I do both!)
5. Voila! New Phone Wallpaper :) 

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