Have fern at home!

I have the anti-green thumb. An orange thumb, if you will. Which is why I love succulents and other hard-to-kill greenery - no murder-y guilt. I'm a big fan of indoor plants - low maintenance with tropical vibes? TAKE MY MONEY. 

How can you not love a plant called the HEARTLEAF? The leaves look like HEARTS - it basically loves you and your home from the get go. It's super tolerant of dark interiors and only needs watering when the soil feels dry. 


A slow growing Mexican native, she loves low-light. Mist her every now and then in winter, otherwise water when soil is dry. ¡Yupi! 

Keep them in a cool place out of the sun, and unlike your hair, they love humidity. Make sure the soil's always damp and they're ready to last you yonkers. 

It's scientific name is Monstera deliciosa - IT'S A DELICIOUS MONSTER! This is probably my favourite fern ever - it's sometimes called the Swiss cheese plant, which incidentally is my favourite food group. It's basically my fern soul mate. I also found out recently it has an edible flower. It looks good, and you can EAT IT. Be still, my heart. 

If you can't yet commit to a fern, what about something else fern-tastic? (Shameless plug.)
OR.. A free iPhone 6 wallpaper!! Even more fern-tastic!  (And if you're on the iPhone 6Plus bandwagon, here's one for you). 

And in case you all are (rightly) suspicious of my fern advice - I got it all from Better Homes & Gardens. I'm a nanna stuck in a 20-something year old body.